Should I file bankruptcy

SHOULD I FILE BANKRUPTCY? is a thought that is haunting a massive number of people these days – not just in the USA – but throughout the World! I had to file bankruptcy myself and was charged nearly $800 by my accountant just for him to “look into” whether or not I should go ahead and file!! That fee did not include any charges to do the actual filing itself!! This website is dedicated to helping you find LOW COST ways to get the information you need to answer your question.

Almost all of the bankruptcy articles available on the web elsewhere appear to have been written by bankruptcy companies, attorneys and accountants who then spend their time trying to convince people in serious financial trouble to hire them at some very expensive hourly rate to “help”! AS IF YOU CAN AFFORD THEIR FEES!! SOME HELP!

The best low cost risk-free way to get to know what your filing options are is to purchase a really good up to the minute ebook. I highly recommend the ebooks available at TheSignOfThePhoenix ! They are all very well researched and packed with information. The site specialises in ebooks – and ebook passages – that are helpful to anyone with debt problems and facing bankruptcy.  They have ebooks not only about the lowest cost ways to file bankruptcy but also ebooks on life-altering strategies that you may have to consider.  From stress-reduction to lifestyle changes, from Self-improvement to self employment options there are also very low-priced packages full of advice in all of these areas!  You could surf the net for literally hundreds of hours to find the information and genuine help that one of the epackages provide.  And the low-cost help that you really deserve to answer your question – Should I file bankruptcy?

Basically, once you have decided that filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you, what you need to find out is whether you qualify to file for a “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” – which is a complete discharge of debts, or a “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy” – in which you are required to repay a portion of your debts on a fixed payment plan. There are many differences between these two sorts of bankruptcy and it would be wise to read up on both before deciding which chapter is your best option and what sort of help you may really need from a bankruptcy specialist should this be absolutely necessary.

Whatever you do, don’t let the thought of being bankrupt cause you undue stress – when so many of the USA’s largest banks and companies like General Motors have gone bankrupt it just shows how impossible it can be to keep your finances in good order. Remember that bankruptcy can give you a “fresh start” in life and it is a fact that many people have turned their lives around after having filed bankruptcy!

I honestly sympathize with your problem – having been there myself and I truly hope that the information contained in this article and in this blog will help you to make an informed decision that will be right for you.


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  • Violales says:

    Should i url up to this, through my own page? I’m planning to gather as much reasons for details as i am able.

  • 2259551593 says:

    hello , after lots of consideration i want to go through with bankruptcy, the thing is that im unemployed and i dont want to spend any money going through with it, is there an organisation out there that can help the unemployed to file and go through with it?

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